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Resources, Readings, & Tools

Resources, Readings, and Tools: Resources and Tips


FAQs on Boards and compliance:

Annual Board Checklist:

Excellent piece from Jim Taylor on respectful recruiting as opposed to tokenism: Recruiting for Board Diversity Respectfully

Recruiting new board members

Understanding subtle forms of power: We see less as leaders

Brief overview of Board Officer roles:

About Advisory Boards:

Board Bylaws:

Rethinking traditional Board governance (“Evolutionary Governance”) by Vanessa LeBourdais: Part I (principles); Part II (practices)

Board members and compensation:

Boards and fundraising

Tools, Templates, & Resources

ELS work screen template (Guide to Working With Me slide)

Gender Decoder (tool for checking gender bias in job descriptions) (to schedule emails)

Workona (tab manager & task tracker; I may receive a credit if you sign up for this using this link)

Community-Centric Fundraising

A core values exercise

Meeting planner for multiple time zones

A compilation of fundraising resources:

Language, Please

Rethinking Leadership in Nonprofits

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