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Forest Lake

Consulting Services

Board Guidance

We specialize in helping Boards learn how they can best support their organization. We review bylaws and make recommendations for updates, review responsibilities and explore the power dynamics that may be getting in the way of a more collaborative approach to leadership.

Organizational Health

Organizational Health Assessments are a comprehensive guide to the state of your organization, including interviews with staff, board, and other stakeholders, and culminating with a full report and implementation plan for bolstering what's going well and improving what isn't.
See our companion website for more details.

Rethinking Leadership

If your organization is considering shifting away from the solo Executive model, we can help you think through your options and prepare your staff and Board for the transition. We have extensive links with more background on why you might consider this transition, and what it can look like and offer.

Recruiting & Hiring

We offer recruiting support, including: developing better job descriptions and getting them in front of diverse audiences; candidate screening; developing interview guides; and crafting policies that improve retention.


We can facilitate meetings, staff retreats, difficult conversations or other convenings. We will work with you to develop a meeting or retreat designed to match your desired outcomes.

Fellowship Support

We can help you design a new fellowship program, informed by years of working with fellowship programs, primarily in the tech policy space.
We can also offer support on fellowship recruiting, interviewing, and selections.

Management Partnership

New manager coaching: we will work with new managers to help avoid common pitfalls in taking on management for the first time. We will be an ally to new managers to provide support and mentorship to get through challenging and often isolating early days of management. 

Management growth coaching: everyone needs someone to talk through management challenges from time to time. We will work with managers at every stage to support them in living up to their potential. We will offer support through the spectrum of management challenges.


We can help you develop new strategies to achieve your goals; create practical guides to assessing your existing strategy as you go; re-assess organizational structure and staffing; refine or reimagine your mission and vision; develop a succession plan and approach.

From our clients:

"Board members are reenergized, hopeful, and more focused because of your work."


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